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Unequal Access to High-Value Skills Training
Girls represent only 15% of students in career and technical training programs for higher-paid, traditionally male fields.


Lack of Guidance and Encouragement
Girls make up 55% of 1.2 million high school dropouts nationwide; 75% cite lack of career guidance, parental support, and educational encouragement as the cause.


Wealth Gap 
The racial wealth gap leaves blacks and Latinos at a huge disadvantage – with white households having 16 times the wealth of blacks. It would take the average black family 228 years to build the wealth of today’s average white family.

Girls with Impact equips girls with the tools, education, and skills to start businesses or projects, create jobs, and transform our future economy and culture.


But not all girls are aware of this opportunity. Many need financial support and encouragement to participate in GWI.


Your contribution is used to directly engage and enable girls to participate and to provide them with ongoing mentoring.


Please help us create real change. Take action today. And tell just one person about GWI.

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