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Keeping Millennials and Generation Z Happy at Work

If you’re a millennial reading this, please don’t shoot me down if I have something wrong. Rather, I’d like to hear from you. But, companies who employ you are worried that even though you’re happy at work, you’re seriously looking for another job. At least, that’s what research says. In fact 44% are seriously thinking of […]

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How to Turn Your Daughter into the Next Jeff Bezos

Guest Contributor | Jennifer Openshaw | @jopenshaw Published 7:56 AM ET Mon, 30 July 2018 How to turn your daughter into the next Jeff Bezos Girls need support, education and encouragement in order to become tomorrow’s groundbreaking entrepreneurs. Encourage entrepreneurship in all young women, whatever field or passions they are pursuing. Confidence comes from doing, executing and […]

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How can teens start their own business or nonprofit?

When Natalie Miccile applied for an MBA, she was turned down, even though she had already received a doctorate in pharmacy from the same institution. Both Natalie and her parents were at a loss as to the reason and next steps. In the rapidly evolving workforce of today, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how […]

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