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Press Release: Women Top Men as Venture Team Winners, Says Girls With Impact Report

Findings reveal that, despite being only 18% of college participants, women make up the majority of winners in entrepreneurship competitions Greenwich, CT, October 11, 2017 – While only 17.8% of participants in college venture competitions are women at one public university, women win most of the prize money. A report by Girls with Impact, released [...] Read More »

News: Girls With Impact Calls for Fairfield County Teens to Apply for Entrepreneurship Academy by This Friday

GIRLS WITH IMPACT CALLS FOR FAIRFIELD COUNTY TEENS TO APPLY FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP ACADEMY BY THIS FRIDAY Nearly 200 Gather at First-Ever Summit, Inspiring Girls and Parents to Get Equipped for Fast-Changing Working World   Greenwich, CT, Sept 12, 2017 – On the heels of Connecticut’s first-ever Girls Entrepreneurship Summit this past weekend, Girls with Impact is [...] Read More »

What Extra-Curricular Activities do Colleges Look for?

A question that may not be on the top of mind for college applicants, but should be is: What extra-curricular activities are colleges looking for? Applications for undergraduate schools and graduate programs are underway in many households this month. As students from many backgrounds, both high school and college, pursue their next step in higher […]

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Want Women CEO’s? Look to the Next Gen

As one of the few women CEOs in Silicon Valley, it’s no surprise that only a handful are at the top of our most powerful companies (NYTimes Why Women Aren’t CEOs). In fact, Uber serves as the ultimate poster child for the need to change the mindset and culture across industries. If we truly want […]

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3 Reasons Our Daughters Need Economic Independence Now

Last night, I watched the fireworks blossom majestic hydrangeas in the sky off the Eastern shoreline. Bright colors bathed the glowing faces of my two daughters, 7 and 3, as we watched from the beach. A great showing for America’s independence. economic independence I’m more concerned about these days. “It’s a pivotal time in history […]

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