Keeping Millennials and Generation Z Happy at Work

If you’re a millennial reading this, please don’t shoot me down if I have something wrong. Rather, I’d like to hear from you.

But, companies who employ you are worried that even though you’re happy at work, you’re seriously looking for another job. At least, that’s what research says. In fact 44% are seriously thinking of leaving their jobs – and not because of compensation.

So, what should companies do to keep you?

  • Think quality, not quantity – Young people want to have impact. They’re leaps and bounds ahead of us when we were their age – with that much more to offer. At EY, where 75% of employees are millennials, according to its CEO, young people are put onto client teams where they get face-time with leaders. Kendall Brown, for example, says the reason he likes working there is that “my voice was heard.”


  • Create purpose – Today more than ever, people want purpose in their lives. And it’s not just those in jobs now – it’s those in the pipeline. In fact, the majority of teen girls who join Girls With Impact want to have positive social impact in their community or world. This purpose must emanate from the top – and genuinely be a part of the culture.


  • Provide meaningful engagement opportunities – The key word is “meaningful.” Giving money to a fundraising campaign may not provide a direct connection but there are other ways for employees to feel more connected with a cause. For instance, Google is joining Girls With Impact to offer employees an opportunity to “adopt a girl” – to both underwrite the costs so that she can attend the 12-week “mini-MBA” Academy (about $300 depending on your tax bracket but worth $2,000) and have the chance to mentor her thereafter. Professionals can not only help this girl bring a business, nonprofit or community project to life – giving her a huge leg-up in college, career and scholarships – but truly play a part in changing her life.


  • Make them proud to be associated with your brand – Companies are eager to make purpose a key part of their employee brand value, with resulting powerful and holistic approaches to engaging employees e.g. leveraging foundation dollars along with an impactful marketing campaign and video content showcasing the impact on these girls’ lives.

If you’re a company worried about your employees in this competitive job market, consider something new and exciting for your younger workforce. Girls With Impact is waiting for you.